TastEd & Food for Life

TastEd and Food For Life are working in partnership to help bring the joy of fresh fruit and vegetables to the plate of every child.

TastEd and Food for Life go together like peas and mint, carrot and orange, sage and onion -so we’ve teamed up to help schools and Early Years achieve their Food for Life Awards.

With Food for Life good food comes as standard – at least 75% freshly prepared, and using sustainably sourced ingredients, preferably local. But meals are only part of the story. The Food for Life Awards also get children cooking, growing, and connected to nature. They’ll even make friends with a real farm.

Like sensory education, Food for Life programmes were recommended in the National Food Strategy plan for championing the Whole School Approach. That’s where TastEd comes in. You can now find our resources on the Food for Life website. We’ll be bringing the sounds, colours and textures of veggies and fruit to every step of the Food for Life journey.

For 10% discount on enrolment fee please enter the code TASTED10 when you sign up using this link.