EYFS Food Activities

We offer Early Years settings a set of activities designed to give children the chance to experience new vegetables and fruits in a positive way. You can access a training video and easy to use lesson plans, meaning in no time you’ll be ready to deliver TastEd in your setting.

TastEd is featured on the DFE  website, with sensory food education being suggested as one way to improve your practice, have a read here.

The activities are free for UK EYFS settings to access, all we ask is that you watch the short training video first to get you started.

Our Activites

Our activities are developed in collaboration with EYFS practitioners to ensure they are engaging for chldren as well as simple to use for practitioners. Those that have used the programme report on how rewarding and simple the activity plans are to use.

The set of activities are cheap and easy (the main cost is buying the fruits and vegetables) and requires no cooking skills on the part of the practitioner to deliver.

The activities are:

  • Simple to run;
  • Designed to be picked up and delivered straight away;
  • Closely tailored to the UK curriculum;
  • Designed to not require specialist equipment or spaces to run.

Example Activity Plans

There are 18 different activities available. Have a look at 1 or 2 example activity plans before you sign up.

TastEd and the curriculum

TastEd can make the existing curriculum easier and more exciting to deliver. The Reception and Early Years lessons are designed to deliver core EYFS curriculum especially PSED, Communication and Language, Understanding the World and Health and Self Care.

Benefits for students

The activities make children more mindful around food and give them the space and self-confidence to talk about their likes and dislikes without feeling judged.  TastEd is a very nurturing and positive way to reconnect with the simple sensory pleasures of food. Through the two golden rules – no one has to like, no one has to try – the children learn important values such as mutual respect and boundaries.