TastEd At Home

Below you will find a short introduction to TastEd and some activities to do at home, alternatively here is a version you can download and print.

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    This is the least invasive sense as it’s the one we use most, a child might be happy to look at new foods even if they’re scared to taste them.

TastEd is about trying food using

Below are some simple and fun activities to do at home with your child to explore food using all 5 senses. Exploratory games like these capture children’s curiosity whilst building familiarity with new or disliked foods.

Make sure adults join in the fun too!

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    Thinking about how hearing impacts our food experience is something your child may never have considered before.

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    ‘Flavour’ happens mostly in the nose not the mouth, children can explore this
    by holding their nose whilst trying different foods.

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    Our biggest sense. The feeling of food in our mouths is called texture. Often, when children say they hate the taste of food what they really mean is texture.

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    Try and end with the taste activities, by which point your child should have built up some confidence with new flavours.

The Golden Rules

There are two very important rules when it comes to TastEd, these might not be the rules you normally follow at home, but when doing TastEd always try and remember…

Have A Go

Here are some activities you can try yourselves at home. For each activity the basic steps are:

1. Here is some food
2. Tell me what you see, feel, hear, smell, taste
3. You can try some of the food if you like (remember the golden rules!)

Click on the sense icon below to try an activity.