We give children the opportunity to experience the joy of fresh vegetables and fruits.  We believe learning about food should be more carrot, less stick.

Fully funded access for UK Primary Schools currently available.

TastEd (based on the Sapere method) is a form of sensory food education that delivers the National Food Strategy recommendations.

TastEd is the official U.K. wing of Sapere, a method of taste education which has been used with great success in many European countries for decades.

In the UK 79.1% of 5 to 10 year olds eat fewer than 3.5 portions of fruit and veg a day.
Every child deserves taste education to help them learn to enjoy the foods their body needs and reach their potential in life.
We provide schools and parents with the support and resources to do this.

What is TastEd?



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What is Our Aim?

We’re a charity aiming to revolutionise the way Food Education is taught in the UK, so that taste education becomes a basic aspect of every child’s knowledge.


What do we do?

We offer teachers support, training and resources to deliver a range of simple, classroom based, taste education lessons that are tailored to UK curriculum.

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What does a lettuce leaf sound like? How about a tomato? https://t.co/I5CC0k4OxX
We are thrilled to have some new artwork in from our illustrator Annabel Lee (and graphic designer Nick Dittrich) to use in our lesson plans and PowerPoints for children. Including this cheerful pumpkin, just in time for Thanksgiving tomorrow. https://t.co/EFDqseBCm8
Don't forget if you're a UK based Primary School you can access the entire TastEd scheme of work for free. There's even a video that explains what TastEd is and how to run a lesson. To get involved go to: https://t.co/GyVOt7a8Iw https://t.co/5stKdRholf
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@PenfoldNursery: 'My tongue feels funny!' The children explored their sense of taste with citrus fruits in their #TastEd lesson @TastEdfeed @KitchenBee @PrincesTrust @jimmysfarm @ClarenceHouse @GurpinderLalli @SundayTimesFood @Nurseryworld @Eating_Better @ey_inspiration1 @FoodCorps @MollysGuide https://t.co/nv1AGWud6b
Hello 👋to the 16 new schools and 1 nursery that have signed up to use the TastEd resources since October. We're so excited to have you onboard and we're looking forward to seeing your TastEd journies! https://t.co/vtaNk19AQX
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