Taste Education

We help schools and nurseries to deliver taste education, to give every child the opportunity to experience the joy of fresh vegetables and fruits.  We believe learning about food should be more carrot, less stick.

Fully funded access for UK Primary Schools currently available.

TastEd is a form of sensory food education that delivers the National Food Strategy recommendations.

In the UK 79.1% of 5 to 10 year olds eat fewer than 3.5 portions of fruit and veg a day.
Every child deserves taste education to help them learn to enjoy the foods their body needs and reach their potential in life.
We provide schools and parents with the support and resources to do this.

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What is Our Aim?

We’re a charity aiming to revolutionise the way Food Education is taught in the UK, so that taste education becomes a basic aspect of every child’s knowledge.


What do we do?

We offer teachers support, training and resources to deliver a range of simple, classroom based, taste education lessons that are tailored to UK curriculum.

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Did you know that almost a third of children eat less than one portion of vegetables a day? And baked beans plus pizza contribute 16% of the average child's veg consumption? From the Food Foundation Peas Please report. This is why we feel TastEd is so vital. https://t.co/WdQ5Zhja70
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@AtlasFuture: 🍅 Tasty news for foodies and educators! The UK’s most influential #food writer and @tastedfeed founder @KitchenBee will be at this year’s #FixingtheFuture!
👉https://t.co/Rqb728K5Zv https://t.co/i3u8mj2dOb
'A teacher from Seely Primary School ... describes running TastEd :
“…The children ... could not stop
talking about it during the week... I have noticed that the children will now explore more food at lunchtime'. Thank you, @eatsmartsheff for featuring us in your newsletter. https://t.co/64bv3IWaKS
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@wash_lks2: Mulberry Class enjoyed digging potatoes, feeding the worms, collecting sunflower seeds & harvesting cucumbers for Chef to use in the salad bar #schoolseedsaving #seedsaving @SchoolsGarden @foodafactoflife @SAfoodforlife @Food_Foundation @VegPowerUK @BBCCountryFile @tastedfeed https://t.co/0fPyjV2uOE
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@LDNchildobesity: We are running a competition asking for ideas to promote water to children. Under 18s can enter by sending us an advert idea on a side of A4 with contacts details. The winner will get to work with a top advertising agency & see their advert around London. #school #teachers #mums https://t.co/PcCwBzRxg3
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