Taste Education

We help schools and nurseries to deliver taste education, to give every child the opportunity to experience the joy of fresh vegetables and fruits.  We believe learning about food should be more carrot, less stick.

What is TastEd?

What is our aim?

TastEd is a group of educators, writers and campaigners working to change the way that food education is taught in the U.K. and beyond. Our aim is to help build a generation of children who have a wider palate for healthy foods, especially vegetables and fruits, and a positive relationship with food and their own bodies.

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What do we do?

TastEd offers a system of fun sensory food lessons based on the Sapere method, which has been used with great success in many European counties for decades. In Sapere lessons a child learns to respond to many different foods – mostly vegetables and fruits – with all the five senses.

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Latest News

Herbs & Memories by Naomi Rayner

If you want to get an idea of TastEd, one of the simplest ways is to take a fresh mint leaf, smell it and try to say what it reminds you of. We do this as an ice breaker in our teacher training sessions and we also do it in many of our TastEd lessons […]

Playing with Your Food by A Parent

Like many people, I was brought up not to play with my food.  To those of the wartime generation, there was an understandable fear of wasting so much as a scrap and a sense that playing with what was on your plate somehow disrespectful.  But what if playing with food could be a way for […]

TastEd and Veg Power

Earlier this spring, when it was hard to imagine we would now be in lockdown, the TastEd team was thrilled to collaborate with Veg Power on the launch of their 2020 schools programme. Veg Power is an organisation on a mission to get British children to eat more vegetables – a goal shared by TastEd. […]

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'The peas are loud and they are crunchy' wrote this child doing a TastEd lesson trying sugarsnap peas. To get a child to explore vegetables freely, it sometimes helps to stop talking about how healthy they are and start talking about the different exciting sounds they make. https://t.co/3F5bcrSGaP
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@FoodSwitchUK: Nutrition education in schools is beneficial despite parents' skills, food choices & attitudes
This initiative targeting vegetable consumption was effective in increasing willingness to try vegetables, verbalise sensory perception & increase the children's knowledge on vegetables https://t.co/8iWy8AWVRg
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@SR_Nutrition: Sounds like a great initiative: A short vegetable education programme increased knowledge about vegetables, ability to verbalise sensations and willingness to try vegetables! https://t.co/8vsuVmP04x
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@jasorourke: Totally agree with ⁦⁦@timspector⁩ about the need for effective #FoodEducation in our schools - “We need to be teaching our children about real and fake foods with the same zeal that we teach them how to walk, read and write.” ⁦@tastedfeed⁩ https://t.co/GYIqCCbont
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@AlexRoseCharity: Today we hear from one our brilliant fruit & veg traders from East Street Market, about why he loves being part of the Rose Vouchers Project: "Without the vouchers, they don’t come to the market. Now I have new customers who didn’t visit my stall before." https://t.co/AHT88nKbvJ