Taste Education

We help schools and nurseries to deliver taste education, to give every child the opportunity to experience the joy of fresh vegetables and fruits.  We believe learning about food should be more carrot, less stick.

In the UK 79.1% of 5 to 10 year olds eat fewer than 3.5 portions of fruit and veg a day.
Every child deserves taste education to help them learn to enjoy the foods their body needs and reach their potential in life.
We provide schools and parents with the support and resources to do this.

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What is Our Aim?

We’re a charity aiming to revolutionise the way Food Education is taught in the UK, so that taste education becomes a basic aspect of every child’s knowledge.


What do we do?

We offer teachers support, training and resources to deliver a range of simple, classroom based, taste education lessons that are tailored to UK curriculum.

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'Wew had to guess what veg or fruit you feel in the sock...crunchy, perfectly round, it could be an onion'. This lesson is one that all age groups of children seem to enjoy. Bury a few different vegetables and fruits in long socks, reach inside and describe what you feel. https://t.co/UGL7MPc03L
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@wash_ks1: ‘Mango tastes like pineapple without the spikes’ @tastedfeed @SAfoodforlife @Foodafactoflife https://t.co/XJa6NsTXDp
‘Mint reminds me of when I was in nursery and I used to pick mint leaves off a mint plant in the corner of the playground’. A year 6 child writes about smell and memory in a TastEd lesson. Everyone seems to have a different mint memory. https://t.co/LwtaxGqzL1
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@ChefsinSchools: The hardwork in the gardens at #hackneyschooloffood is paying off.
A beautiful bowl of salad leaves picked today.
We often put edible flowers out in bowls for kids to try. They don't always like them but they're always interested to find out more!
#foodeducation https://t.co/fk3wfjNgqx
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