Taste Education

We help schools and nurseries to deliver taste education, to give every child the opportunity to experience the joy of fresh vegetables and fruits.  We believe learning about food should be more carrot, less stick

What is our aim?

TastEd is a group of educators, writers and campaigners working to change the way that food education is taught in the U.K. and beyond. Our aim is to help build a generation of children who have a wider palate for healthy foods, especially vegetables and fruits, and a positive relationship with food and their own bodies.

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What do we do?

TastEd offers a system of fun sensory food lessons based on the Sapere method, which has been used with great success in many European counties for decades. In Sapere lessons a child learns to respond to many different foods – mostly vegetables and fruits – with all the five senses.

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What is TastEd?

Latest News

‘Why I Care about Food Education’ by Abby Scott, TastEd Trustee

Firstly because I love food – preparing and eating good tasty food is a joy and I want our young people to experience that joy too. My second reason for getting involved in TastEd is social equality.  It makes me so sad and angry that some children have very little experience of fresh fruit and vegetables.  A […]

A word from one of our TastEd Teachers

Karen Igoea, one of our TastEd teachers, has written about her Tasted Lessons:

New Foods and New Words by Bee Wilson

Bring a colander of differently coloured tomatoes to a class of four and five year-olds and ask them to describe what they see.

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Some leave school not knowing the difference between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. Some leave school never having tasted a spinach leaf or a peach. Why do we see the first as a problem and not the second?
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RT @PenfoldNursery: After harvesting our beetroots, we chose to make honey roasted beetroot wedges. We were very proud of the children for…