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We will soon be able to offer interested schools access to an English-language translation of a draft teaching manual free to schools, based on the Swedish SAPERE teaching manual.

In collaboration with classroom teachers around the country, we have been developing our own TastEd lesson plans, teaching resources and Powerpoints, closely tailored to UK curriculum. We are developing the tools needed to teach TastEd to deliver core literacy lessons, from Reception onwards, focusing on the National Curriculum requirements for speaking and writing. We know how busy teachers lives are. Rather than being a complicated extra, TastEd is designed to be something that can make existing curriculum easier and more exciting to deliver. As well as English, TastEd can also be used to deliver other subjects including PSHE, History, Art and Geography.

In the near future, we will be able to offer TastEd curriculum designed for delivering PSHE at Secondary level.

We offer a range of teacher training in the TastEd/SAPERE method and can tailor our courses to the needs of your school.

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